Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Action Needed

ERA In Florida NOW

No Excuses !

Florida's House Speaker Larry Cretul plans to stop us in our tracks again: He's

refusing to hold a hearing on ERA's HCR 8003. You know that if HOUSE doesn't hear ERA, SENATE won't. ERA NEEDS A VOTE IN COMMITTEES. This is the EIGHTH YEAR the House has done this to us! UNACCEPTABLE!
* RIGHT NOW--and for the next 2 weeks, Speaker needs to get thousands of postal cards saying HOLD A HEARING (VOTE) ON HCR 8003, THE ERA. Find his address and what to say (or give it your own "kick') at, CLICK ON the "Postcarding" button at top of page for the whole enchilada!

Clog his phones, too, unceasingly: 850 488-0887 (Tally), 352 873-6564 (Ocala),

352 955-6407 (Gainesville). Ya'll did a GREAT JOB LAST YEAR. LET'S DO IT AGAIN, BUT BIGGER!
PITCH IN. DO YOUR PART FOR ERA. DO IT NOW AND THROUGHOUT THE NEXT 2 WEEKS until it IS heard the 3rd week in March. Shucks, WHY NOT COME WITH US TO LOBBY ?! WE can sure use the extra help.

Our staffers are phoning every legislator. All 160 have already received at least one flyer reminder to co-sponsor ERA. ERA already has a combined 20 co-sponsors (29 to go, for our usual 49).


ALSO, ERA needs YOU to make phone calls NOW to the following members of its
Civil Justice &Courts Policy Committee Members
Domino, Carl J. (R) Chair 850 488-0322 JUNO BCH: 561 625-5176
Weinstein, Michael B. (R) Vice Chair 850 488-1304 ORANGE PK : 904 213-3005
Soto, Darren (D) Dem Ranking Membr 850 488-9240 ORLANDO: 407 249-4743
Eisnaugle, Eric (R) 850 488-9770 ORLANDO: 407 893=3141
Fetterman, Adam M. (D) 850 488-8749 PT. ST. LUCIE : 772 873-6500
Flores, Anitere (R) 850 488-2831 MIAMI: 305 227-7626
Frishe, James C. (R) 850 488-9960 BELLAIR BLUFFS/BCHS: 727 518-3902
Gibson, Audrey (D) 850 488-7417 JAX: 904 353-2180
Gonzalez, Eduardo (R) 850 488-1683 HIALEAH/MIAMI: 305 364-3066
Grady, Tom (R) 850 488-4487 NAPLES: 239 417-6200
McKeel, Seth (R) 850 488-9890 LAKELAND: 863 647-4896
Murzin, Dave (R) 850 488-8278 PENSACOLA: 850 494-7330
O'Toole, H. Marlene (R) 850 488-5991 THE VILLAGES: 352 750-1671
Poppell, Ralph (R) 850 488-3006 TITUSVILLE: 321 383-5151, SEBASTIAN 772 770-670




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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Katie Reyes

Katie Reyes this is your day young lady and we celebrate you. Why is it since 1984 when young ladies were permitted to play in the Little League, we have only seen fifteen so far in the World Series. Still are daughters are told they are lesser than, that to play in sports dominated males. This fine young lady has proven yes there are women out there who are more than comparable. I say we need to encourage are young women they to can excel at sports also. Maybe in some way it would show them that plastic surgery and slut wear is not the only way to rank in this society, because that is the message that is being pushed to our daughters out there...
My two cents...

She Plays Ball Like A Girl, In the Little League World Series
Katie Reyes is being hailed as "the first girl game-winner" in a Little League World Series game. Katie became the hero with a two-run single that won the game for Canada!

Obviously, precious few girls have been permitted to play. Since 1984, that would be all of 15 girls playing in the Little League World Series. This year, there were all of 2 girls.As far as we know, the first girl to play in the LLWS was Kathryn Johnston. Back in 1950, she passed as a boy by tucking her hair under her hat and using the nickname "Tubby."
''They didn't know I was a girl, and my brother didn't say anything,'' she said. ''If I had told them my real name, they wouldn't have let me play. So I told them my name was Tubby, from the male character in the cartoon strip 'Little Lulu.'''I played a couple of weeks and then I talked to my coach. I said: 'I really need to tell you something. I'm not a boy. I'm a girl.' He said, 'That's O.K., you're a darned good player.' So I ended up playing the whole season at first base and became sort of a drawing card, because everybody wanted to see a girl play.''

Friday, August 28, 2009

Women Equality Day & Whole Foods

“Once again no fan fare” for Womens Equality Day ( of course were is the true equality )
Not even an amendment to say women are equal...
August 26th came and went with out even a cheer or should I say a small cry...
Now I am making a plea to all to support Whole Foods, the CEO John Makey hear him out...
"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."
—Margaret Thatcher
With a projected $1.8 trillion deficit for 2009, several trillions more in deficits projected over the next decade, and with both Medicare and Social Security entitlement spending about to ratchet up several notches over the next 15 years as Baby Boomers become eligible for both, we are rapidly running out of other people's money. These deficits are simply not sustainable. They are either going to result in unprecedented new taxes and inflation, or they will bankrupt us.
While we clearly need health-care reform, the last thing our country needs is a massive new health-care entitlement that will create hundreds of billions of dollars of new unfunded deficits and move us much closer to a government takeover of our health-care system. Instead, we should be trying to achieve reforms by moving in the opposite direction—toward less government control and more individual empowerment. Here are eight reforms that would greatly lower the cost of health care for everyone:
View Full Image
Chad Crowe
• Remove the legal obstacles that slow the creation of high-deductible health insurance plans and health savings accounts (HSAs). The combination of high-deductible health insurance and HSAs is one solution that could solve many of our health-care problems. For example, Whole Foods Market pays 100% of the premiums for all our team members who work 30 hours or more per week (about 89% of all team members) for our high-deductible health-insurance plan. We also provide up to $1,800 per year in additional health-care dollars through deposits into employees' Personal Wellness Accounts to spend as they choose on their own health and wellness.
Money not spent in one year rolls over to the next and grows over time. Our team members therefore spend their own health-care dollars until the annual deductible is covered (about $2,500) and the insurance plan kicks in. This creates incentives to spend the first $2,500 more carefully. Our plan's costs are much lower than typical health insurance, while providing a very high degree of worker satisfaction.
• Equalize the tax laws so that employer-provided health insurance and individually owned health insurance have the same tax benefits. Now employer health insurance benefits are fully tax deductible, but individual health insurance is not. This is unfair.
• Repeal all state laws which prevent insurance companies from competing across state lines. We should all have the legal right to purchase health insurance from any insurance company in any state and we should be able use that insurance wherever we live. Health insurance should be portable.
• Repeal government mandates regarding what insurance companies must cover. These mandates have increased the cost of health insurance by billions of dollars. What is insured and what is not insured should be determined by individual customer preferences and not through special-interest lobbying.
• Enact tort reform to end the ruinous lawsuits that force doctors to pay insurance costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. These costs are passed back to us through much higher prices for health care.
• Make costs transparent so that consumers understand what health-care treatments cost. How many people know the total cost of their last doctor's visit and how that total breaks down? What other goods or services do we buy without knowing how much they will cost us?
• Enact Medicare reform. We need to face up to the actuarial fact that Medicare is heading towards bankruptcy and enact reforms that create greater patient empowerment, choice and responsibility.
• Finally, revise tax forms to make it easier for individuals to make a voluntary, tax-deductible donation to help the millions of people who have no insurance and aren't covered by Medicare, Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program.
Many promoters of health-care reform believe that people have an intrinsic ethical right to health care—to equal access to doctors, medicines and hospitals. While all of us empathize with those who are sick, how can we say that all people have more of an intrinsic right to health care than they have to food or shelter?
Health care is a service that we all need, but just like food and shelter it is best provided through voluntary and mutually beneficial market exchanges. A careful reading of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution will not reveal any intrinsic right to health care, food or shelter. That's because there isn't any. This "right" has never existed in America
Even in countries like Canada and the U.K., there is no intrinsic right to health care. Rather, citizens in these countries are told by government bureaucrats what health-care treatments they are eligible to receive and when they can receive them. All countries with socialized medicine ration health care by forcing their citizens to wait in lines to receive scarce treatments.
Although Canada has a population smaller than California, 830,000 Canadians are currently waiting to be admitted to a hospital or to get treatment, according to a report last month in Investor's Business Daily. In England, the waiting list is 1.8 million.
At Whole Foods we allow our team members to vote on what benefits they most want the company to fund. Our Canadian and British employees express their benefit preferences very clearly—they want supplemental health-care dollars that they can control and spend themselves without permission from their governments. Why would they want such additional health-care benefit dollars if they already have an "intrinsic right to health care"? The answer is clear—no such right truly exists in either Canada or the U.K.—or in any other country.
Rather than increase government spending and control, we need to address the root causes of poor health. This begins with the realization that every American adult is responsible for his or her own health.
Unfortunately many of our health-care problems are self-inflicted: two-thirds of Americans are now overweight and one-third are obese. Most of the diseases that kill us and account for about 70% of all health-care spending—heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity—are mostly preventable through proper diet, exercise, not smoking, minimal alcohol consumption and other healthy lifestyle choices.
Recent scientific and medical evidence shows that a diet consisting of foods that are plant-based, nutrient dense and low-fat will help prevent and often reverse most degenerative diseases that kill us and are expensive to treat. We should be able to live largely disease-free lives until we are well into our 90s and even past 100 years of age.
Health-care reform is very important. Whatever reforms are enacted it is essential that they be financially responsible, and that we have the freedom to choose doctors and the health-care services that best suit our own unique set of lifestyle choices. We are all responsible for our own lives and our own health. We should take that responsibility very seriously and use our freedom to make wise lifestyle choices that will protect our health. Doing so will enrich our lives and will help create a vibrant and sustainable American society.
Mr. Mackey is co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market Inc.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I myself boycotted the NOW convention in Indianapolis this year. I was a member but thought that NOW has loss touch with the real issue of women and feminism. President Kim Gandy put the knives in the average womans back, and did not step up to the plate when Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was attacked, or Governor Sarah Palin. Women's rights and activism is not about age or race but a matter of reaching out and including all. President Kim Gandy lost that. This is the reason the endorsed candidate Latifa Lyles lost, she represented more of the same. "Please" with the idea that just because a woman is black that she can offer something more than a white candidate, it is only proving that you yourself is racist, and if your banking on the fact because she is young and black she can bring a whole different demographic is just kidding yourself. "Quality" & an instilling candidate can do that...


NOW elects Maryland woman its next president
(AP) – Jun 21, 2009
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The National Organization for Women has elected a 56-year-old Maryland woman as its next president in a close win over a rival who had been endorsed by the group's current president.
NOW said Terry O'Neill, who is white, defeated Latifa Lyles, a 33-year-old African-American woman from Washington, D.C., during the organization's three-day national conference in Indianapolis. The group did not release totals from Saturday's vote.
Lyles had been enthusiastically endorsed by current NOW President Kim Gandy, who retires from NOW on July 20 after eight years as the group's president.
Gandy had said Lyles, who would have been NOW's youngest president ever, would "take NOW to a different level" by recognizing the nation's "generational shift."
Lyles had said she could help give NOW, with a mostly white and over-40 membership, a new image of youth and diversity that would appeal to younger feminists.
O'Neill, who is one of the oldest at the start of a term, said in a prepared statement that she was "honored and eager" to lead NOW.
"My experience with domestic violence, as an abused wife left me humiliated and embarrassed. I only began to talk about this publicly five years ago as I realized that to keep quiet was to continue the abuse. I want to empower women and telling my story does just that," she said.
NOW press secretary Mai Shiozakiis referred calls on Saturday's vote tally to O'Neill, who declined Sunday to be interviewed. She referred calls about the vote totals to her spokeswoman.
"It's been quite a whirlwind and I don't have those," O'Neill said.
O'Neill's spokeswoman, Hannah Olanoff, said Sunday that the vote totals were not immediately available but she said it was a "close election," as had been expected.
She said NOW would hold a news conference at the end of the week to discuss the election.
O'Neill, who has taught law at Tulane University, was NOW's vice president for membership from 2001-05. Most recently, she has been chief of staff for a county council member in Maryland's Montgomery County.

"Remember Her Name"

Irena Sendler - who recently died at 98 years of age, was a 2008 Nobel Peace Prize NomineeDuring WWII, Irena was given permission to work in the Warsaw Ghetto, as a plumbing/sewer specialist. She had an ulterior motive. Being German, Irena knew what the Nazi plan was for Jews. Irena smuggled out infants in the bottom of a tool box she carried in the back of her truck. She used a burlap sack for bigger children. She also had a dog in the back that she trained to bark when Nazi soldiers let her in and out of the ghetto. The soldiers wanted nothing to do with her dog.. The barking covered noises of the infants and children.Irena managed to smuggle out and save 2500 infants and children, before she was caught! The Nazi's broke both her legs and arms, and beat her severely. Irena kept a record in a jar buried under a tree in her back yard of all the children she smuggled out. After the war, she tried to locate all parents that may have survived to reunite families, but most had been gassed. The children she could not reunite were placed with foster families or adopted. Irena was nominated for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize. She was not selected. Al Gore won for a slide show on Global Warming. Help send this email around the world so that this 'noble' lady is remembered for her bravery.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Happy Independence Day"

Democracy In Suffrage would like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day to everyone. We honor the women & men who gave their life to give Independence and birth to a nation such as ours...
But in these grave times that the “Bill of Rights” & “The Constitution” our being ignored, not upheld and trampled on by the very women & men we sent to Washington to uphold these laws...
“Elections” that equal to third world countries where accountability is no more. Were the great women of this land after over two hundred years are still second class citizen. Washington has representation by only 17% women, yet we are over half the population. Earn still less for the same work as men, shackled with our reproductive rights held over are head and threatened every election to vote for one joker after another. Divided by are own ranks instead of putting aside our difference, and uniting...
Is 2009 the year women celebrate their Independence Day? “Don't know, but is it not time women lead the charge to take back our government, like every other great movement in this country...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letterman Once Again

When I ask? Sexual misogynistic attacks going to stop on women, and when are they going to stop attacking Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Governor Sarah Palin. Why don't the male counterparts receive this to this end degree, and why is it so excepting in are culture to either attack women on a lesser than or reduced to crude sexual innuendo...
“Palin dressed in her sleazy Airline Stewardess”
what all Airline Stewardess sluts & whore and deserve to be ridiculed by you? Like your the guru of style Letterman...
or a lame excuse he did not realize she had her fourteen year old daughter with her, she was all over the New York News Dave were where you?
“Liar Dave” when are we as a nation going to stand up and say enough to the battery of women on the National Television...
I think this no better or worse than “Don Imus” or is white women fair game nope I have seen on all races of women...
“Please Contact CBS or your local CBS affiliate and the New York office scream foul scream enough. Let's start boycotting the products that endorse Letterman like “Olive Garden” contact there headquarters and let them know why...
CBS Television Network51 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019

Main Number:(212) 975-4321
"Olive Garden"
Darden Restaurants
Mailing Address:
5900 Lake Ellenor Drive Orlando, FL 32809

P.O. Box 593330 Orlando, FL 32859-3330

This Letterman guy just doesn't get the message! "Did you hear this? Hillary Clinton busted her elbow. Apparently, she slipped and hit the floor when she … went home to her husband early, unannounced."