Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Janice Rant & I Can't Agree More

On the day that Eric Holder leveled the charge of racial cowardice against America I wanted to throw up. I am sick of the destructive politics of victimization. I wonder where Mr. Holder fits into his theory of our " national racial cowardice" ? Does he, an accomplished attorney educated and practicing in America, feel victimized? Does he feel that Barack Hussein Obama has been the victim of racial inequity? I would argue that B.O. has experienced racial preference and that he has learned to use the race card for his own personal achievements.
Getting back to Holder,the elitist, the person who defended Chiquita Bananas in their use of terrorists to quell locals around their plantations.This is the same individual who now plays the race card on Americans? Why doesn't Holder criticize his boss, a Black man,when states ravaged by Katrina have been left out of the stimulus/spending bill? Because Holder his elitist friends and employer require victims. They prey on the feeling of helplessness and insecurity that comes with the acceptance of victimization.They turn the feelings of despair into anger in order to control the mindless masses. Why is there no criticizing for the many transgressions ,against the very population they claim to represent, committed by this new administration.? Because the left has lost all integrity. Because they are fakes, only seeking power and money. They feed on keeping, those who will accept it, stuck in the past. They have lost integrity and do not want unification. They feed on division so that they may continue to lead their "victimized" population around by the nose. All the while they profit and the nation remains split... I wanted to run this by you as a possible blog post? Janice