Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remeber Remeber The Fourth Of November

The Gun Powder, Treason, & Plot...

If you the American people do not believe that this candidate was systematically installed as the President of the United States then you are very sadly mistaken. I believe this to be going on far longer than you think. Do you believe that elections in this country have been accurate, fair and impartial, then you are sadly wrong. We witnessed the first of these assaults first hand with the installed President George Bush, his administration including the Judicial and Congress have undermined the Constitution more than most know. The Presidency has garnished more power than allowed, and the Patriot Act implemented by the House and Senate have created the great divide in our government. Even the Supreme Court of the land have not stepped in. The suppose defenders of our Constitution. People have humbly sat and watch and grumble through it all. Only when we stand up and scream foul will we see a change. Only when we demand that things be counted accurately and fairly will it change. Only when we as a nation demand that our Representatives stand true to the Constitution of the land or be ousted. It is now or never! 202.7 million eligible voters in this country, this last election roughly 123 million voted. This is a travesty when you realize more people vote for the American Idol than a Representative of their Government. You heard Obama got the highest amount of African Americans voting for him in a Presidential election. Lie! Albert Gore got more in 2000. We were told Obama increased his lead with the youth vote, and registered more than any other in history. Lie! He had slightly more than one percent more than the last Presidential election. Now to get back to the fraud and deception. Many Caucus States don't even require any form of ID to Caucus. States like Iowa showed more people Caucusing than were eligible in a precinct, Texas alone had over two thousand lawsuits over fraud. Another prime example of fraud is when there is no accountability of the election machines we use. Precinct showing more votes than people voted. Right now in Minnesota with the recount of the Senate seat of Senator Coleman, Al Frakkan got a lead of 225 votes, but once again it is showing more votes than people have voted in some precincts. I am not a fan of Norm Coleman, but when are people going to get angry and scream foul. Obama did raise more campaign funds than any other, but they are not even auditing his small donor list, even after question has risen about the origins where the money came from. This is why he did not take the campaign matching funds from the government because it automatically requires you to report where the funds come from, it automatically audits your campaign funds. You would think that the Federal Election Commission would have question his small donor list because of this, it has not. I believe when the powers that be can control the helm of any country and be able to have election come out in their favor, and the Constitution of the United States is less than law. Then We The People got problems.
You would think when something as simple as questioning the fact of the eligibility of candidate, that the Stewards of our great nation would step up to safe guard and show prof of such eligibility. "They Have Not"; those who stood up to the plate have been lambasted as radicals, conspiracy theorist, un patriotic, when it is the simple patriotic thing to do? By our Constitution and laws that govern our land is to question and get answers. That is why we have set up an open government made of laws such as the Sunshine Law.
The sad thing is most people have not a clue what our Constitution states, or the core principals. When I hear young Americans who do not know who Alice Paul is, our schools failed, and our government failed to teach them. Once again No Child Left Behind is essentially, it fails our youth of a proper education. What we do not know about our past we are doomed to repeat it.
I like to remind you in most countries that end in dictatorship, is a country that have taken the rights away of their citizens."We"are losing our rights everyday, and the powers that be have now successfully corrupted the election system like never before.
What Can We Do You Ask?
Start by demanding the Federal Election Commission audit Obama small donor list. Write or phone them, starting here Brian Duffy Chief Financial Officer, 999 E Street, Washington D.C. 20463, 1 800 424-9530 press 0 then ext. 1315, or 202 694-1315, Thomasenia P. Duncan General Counsel 1 800 424-9530 press 0 then ext. 1650, or 202 694-1650.
As for Obama eligibility you can contact the Supreme Court...
Send a copy to each Justice in a signed sealed envelope, place in a Fed Ex or Priority Mail. Addressed to...
Public Information Officer, Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC 20543.
Chief Justice John Roberts
Associate Justices
John Paul Stevens
Antonin Scalia
Anthony Kennedy
David Souter
Clarence Thomas
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stephen Breyer
Samuel Alito
You can even print this out sign and send it...
Petition for Point of order: Barack H. Obama II is not qualified to become president.Posted on January 6th, 2009 by David Crockett Please send to senators and representatives.Send it as registered mail and e-mail it as wellGrievance: Barry Soetoro/a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama II is not qualified to become president, having had primary allegiances to other nations, and not providing unambiguous evidence he is a "natural born Citizen" without other allegiance, to satisfy the Constitution Article 2 Sect. 1.Prayer: By your oath to uphold the Constitution, your privilege to raise a Point of Order, by the 10th Amendment powers retained by We the People, and by the right of petition for redress of grievances, I pray that you cosign/raise an Objection/Point of Order in Congress on January 8th 2009, with a member of the other House, on the reading of each State's electoral certificates/of the total vote for Barack Hussein Obama II, per 3 U.S.C. Ch. 1, §15, §17, §19(a) (1), and §19 (c) (1), namely:"We/I Object/raise a Point of Order that Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II, is not qualified to become president per the Constitution Article Two, §1, having "Foreign Allegiances" by birth and adoption, by renouncing US citizenship, and by failing to provide unambiguous evidence that he is "a natural born Citizen" without other allegiance, election of a President who does qualify having precedence over other business of this House per Amend. 20 §3 and 3 USC 1. In particular:1 Mr. Obama having had conflicting "Foreign Allegiance"(s) cannot become Commander in Chief having sole allegiance to the USA, and thus cannot qualify as "a natural born Citizen".1.1 Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barak Obama, has first allegiance to Indonesia, having Indonesian citizenship with renunciation of US citizenship, by adoption/legal acknowledgment by Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo, a citizen of Indonesia, per Constitution of Indonesia, Law No. 62 of 1958, Art. 2 (1), as required to enroll in Indonesian schools, per school records and travel to Pakistan in 1981; and1.2 Mr. Obama had first allegiance to the British Crown and to Kenya, being born a citizen of Kenya through his Kenyan birth father Barack Obama, Sr., per Chapter VI. Sections 87 and 97 of the Constitution of Kenya; and being a bipatride under the U.K. Nationality Act of 1948.2. Mr. Obama failed to produce unambiguous evidence that he is a "natural born Citizen" born to US citizens "in the allegiance of the United States" and he retained that exclusive allegiance.2.1 Mr. Obama has failed to exhibit unambiguous original evidence that A) he was born to two US citizens "in the allegiance of the United States", while meeting statutory citizenship requirements, and that B) he retained exclusive allegiance to the United States, including his original vault-version birth certificate and all other legal birth certificate versions and passports; and2.2 Mr. Obama's Kenyan paternal step grandmother Sarah Hussein Obama states that she was present at his birth in (Mombosa) Kenya, per Affidavits of Bishop Ron McRae and of Rev. Kweli Shuhubia in Philip J. Berg v. Barack Hussein Obama et al. Fed. Cir. D.PA. Civil No: 08-cv-04083."Signature:_______________________________________________Name:__________________________________________________Address:_____________________________________________________________________________City__________________County: __________________State:____ ZipCode______________

Most Important; it is up to each and everyone of us to vote and demand that we need election reform, end the use of the election machines with no accountability. Write your Representative from State to Federal demanding reform. It is up to us to hold them accountable or getting them out of office. If our country faulters or fails it is because as citzens we did not do all we can do to defend her...
Sincerely Je'Amour P. Matthews

"Once Last Thing"
It is urgent you contact your Senator's and ask them to support the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act...