Monday, April 20, 2009

"Yay Feminist"

Feminists Don Beards to Protest Sexism at Male Dominated L'Oreal
Why should women buy products from L'Oreal if the company doesn't hire women? That's what feminists in Paris want to know.So feminist activists staged a bearded protest to call attention to the sexist hiring practices at the male dominated L'Oreal.Feminists demonstrating against sex discrimination? What an extraordinary idea!PARIS (AFP) — Feminist activists wearing fake beards staged a bizarre protest against L'Oreal in central Paris on Thursday, saying the company did not have enough women managers despite being a cosmetics producer. . . Mimicking L'Oreal's famous advertising slogan, activists handed out a leaflet entitled "Because you're worth it" and held up placards with photos of company directors all with beards scrawled on their faces, including the women.Related: L'OrĂ©al found out for hiring only white shampoo-promoters (July 2007)

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