Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wise Words From Sitara

Ever since I discovered this path (or rather, put a name to the path I was on) back in my teens, there have been people who have preached and pondered and pined for the "world to end" and for things to go back to how they were in "olden days". It's a pastoral dream of most earth-centered spirituality folks I've met. we all have our fantasies of winning the lottery and opening the most awesomest pagan playground/gathering site/spiritual retreat/self-sustaining commune EVAH! (Come on, now. you know you've done it at least once, maybe even aloud) .There is something that disturbs me though about the amount of energy that people put into wishing for an apocalyptic end to modern society.Some of it is simply the lack of responsibility with one's own thoughts. I mean, as people who understand the power of the mind and visualization, if enough of us keep hungering for the end of days, we are energetically contributing to the unraveling of society. Sure, things are messed up in various ways all over the place. But a complete unraveling is going to mean a lot of hungry people, a lot of sick people, a lot of scared and angry people, and ultimately, a lot of dead people. Putting energy towards anarchy and destruction is like deciding to drown the baby before throwing out the bathwater. Put another way - in Nature, change that comes suddenly is devastating, cataclysmic. For example, the tide coming in and going out is a HUGE natural change on the face of the planet, and it happens regularly and repeatedly without havoc because the tide flows in and ebbs out and then flows in a little farther next time. If the tide just suddenly shifted, it would devastate the shore, the life forms in that ecosystem, and make the area uninhabitable. Cataclysmic change brings about destruction on a massive scale with high casualties. Wishing for a breakdown of the system is wishing for massive destruction and all the collateral damage that comes with it. I find that to be far from ethically responsible.Some of the wishing for the end times just makes me laugh. Pagans are some of the most techno-savvy people you'll meet. We do more networking online than perhaps any religious faith (by percentage) that I can name. Most pagans I know love their trinkets and can be as materialistic as any regular citizen. I know of too many pagans that eat out way too often and who spend more time playing video games than doing anything that would be useful in an "back to the good old days" scenario. And I don't know of anyone that doesn't groan when there's no toilet paper in the outhouse at a gathering (if this doesn't bother you, I really don't want to know about it, okay) . So, let's say the end times happen, society collapses, people panic and it's all lost. No computers to keep up those social networks. Social interactions have to be face to face and, well, drat. We've lost the skills to communicate that way because we don't have avatars and keyboards to hide behind. We have to deal with problems face to face and not through email or online blogs. Goodbye toilet paper and easy access food. Goodbye free time and the electronic teat of virtual reality. And while I'm at it, let's say goodbye to access to drugs that treat diseases like diabetes, MS, thyroid conditions, heart conditions. No more Novocain or nitrous for tooth jobs. No more epidurals. No more birth control - it's rhythm method, homosexuality, oral sex ONLY, or abstinence for YOU! Oh yeah. the end times sound REALLY fun, y'all.What I have discovered is that you can only be where you are, and where you are now is no accident. That applies to both human beings as individuals and the larger society as well. Certainly I'm worried that humans have pushed things to a point that we will not be able to fix them. Truth is, there's no going back. only forward. At the same time, I have seen some amazing discoveries in the fields of science, medicine, living history, and metaphysics that have propelled us in huge leaps forward. We are indeed on the cusp of realizing some very fundamental and life-altering truths that will transform our world in the next three decades. So where we are now is where we're meant to be. On the precipice of failure is where man's greatest capacity for change lies.We are aboard a ship called Gaia. She's a worthy vessel, sailing through the Milky Way, Mars and Venus gleaming port and starboard by her side. This vessel is manned by a crew of 6 billion people, give or a take a few million. Sadly, most of us don't know where the ship's going. Some haven't even figured out they're seasick yet because they haven't learned to move WITH Gaia in her steady course across the sky. So, as you might imagine, there's a lot of vomit to be mopped up and avoided from people made sick by consumerism, ignorance, apathy, mental laziness, selfishness, and the illusion of polarity that causes us to divide instead of unify.I've been aboard the Gaia for almost 36 years now. I've seen the Captain of this ship. so have other people, but the funny thing is, not everyone sees the same thing. A lot of us talk about where we're going, and that can cause some real arguments because, as everyone knows, a ship can only go ONE direction at a time, and it's very important that you're the one that's right (or at least some people think it's like that) . The thing I'm not sure everyone understands is that there are a lot of jobs that have to be done onboard to man this ship and get us to where we're supposed to go. There are a lot of folks that don't seem to know that. They think they booked a pleasure cruise and it's all about them.I have faith in the Captain, but I also know the Captain has faith in me to do what I can here on deck. We're headed in a direction that makes the other crewmembers nervous. We've got to turn this baby around, but it's a gradual thing. Too fast and we risk going down with a total loss. No, it takes small adjustments to change course and plot our voyage towards a new star and a brighter horizon.Point is, we have to work together. We don't go forward by decimating everything and going backward. It's not an EITHER / OR situation unless you are so rigid in your mind that all you can see is BLACK or WHITE. The path of the Wise, the Craft, is the Middle Way. It is the path of Balanced Action, Balanced Thought, and Balanced Existence. It needs no apocalypse to find redemption. It simply needs the small and steady adjustments of a few more awake and aware people pulling on the sails to catch the strong winds of change to bring Gaia into sheltered waters.Instead of wishing or warning that the boat's going to sink, get off your ass. Recycle. Turn off your lights. Buy organic. Contribute to your local economy. Learn some useful skills that don't involve getting video-game thumb. Enjoy THIS reality instead of escaping to a fake one you like better. Have real relationships, FACE-TO-FACE, and remember how to get along with people instead of telling them to get out of your life the minute you don't like something they do. Develop some ethics and integrity and accountability. And stop wishing for the end of the world already.If I am you and you are me and we are all One, then stop being suicidal on my behalf. I'm not quitting so haul sail!
Sitara Haye is a Craft author and Wiccan High Priestess with 20 years of Craft experience. Founder of OldeForest Craft Tradition and multi-talented singer/songwriter. You can follow her via her websites: Serpent's Daughter (http://serpentsdaughter.blogspot.com) and Wonderlust (http://nefersitara.wordpress.com). Sitara Haye is a regular contributor to Witchvox and has written articles for a number of other pagan periodicals both in the US and abroad. She currently lives with her 9-year-old daughter and their two cats in the beautiful Scenic City of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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