Monday, April 20, 2009

"End The Federal Reserve Rally"

I am sending a shout out to everyone that here in Pittsburgh their will be a big rally to End The Federal Reserve. I ask all to support these efforts , some may agree or disagree with Ron Paul position, but this is one thing everyone should agree on. More information here
Go here to find a Rally in your town pluss to get more information...
April 25Saturday
ETF Rally @ Noon @ the Federal Reserve building.
So the plan is, since it's really the closest free parking, meet at 11:30 at St. Stanislaus Kostka church and march through the Strip before the ETF event.

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I really like your blog. I'm not crazy about the Democracy In Suffrage title, because their is no such a thing. I'm in Massachusetts and we are having a big Rally for the ENDTHEFED on Saturday 4/25/09. Woo!!!!!!!!!Hoo!!!!
We as AMerIcans need to rout these BAnkster thieves out of here, for good. I also want to share with you another woman's nationwide group called "CodePink" I joined the one here in Boston, but, I am like an oil slick, all over the place, and am trying to stay focused on a couple of things. I have to prioritise, because there is so much to fix,it is mostly because of this small group of related evil men(who have been around since the 1600's in the loan business with heads of States,King George of England comes to mind, taxes,Hmm!!) who operate all Central Banks throughout the World.There are only Five Nations in the world that don't have a Rothschild's owned Central BAnk in it. The Rothschild's also own 99% of Worldwide media, TV,Movies,Newspapers,Magazines,oh and radio stations. They have it all covered, and I'm sure they are working on getting control of the internet as we speak. Those Five Nations are North Korea, Sudan, Libya,Iran, and Cuba. Medias make these Nations to be the bad guys to the rest of the world, so, someone's country will eventually send in an Army to open the flood gates, to let the Banksters in to open up shop there. Then they will suck up everything they can from the people, and their government will let them..Very sad,,, we need to do something ASAP to stop these guys from making any money from anyone, especially us AMerIcans.Also, check out Restore THe Republic web site and AMerIcan Patriots. One more suggestion, check out on UTube-WEARECHANGE. A great group of young people in NYC and around the world working on real change for us all...Not false imagery of change through a puppet for the Banksters Rothchild's. Be Safe. LoveandPeace,Mylene