Sunday, March 22, 2009

"A Woman To Be Noted "

Former home of Anna J. Cooper in the LeDroit Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The home is located beside Anna J. Cooper Circle
Writen By Janice
Women's history tidbit for today 3/22 Anna Julia Cooper born into slavery. At 9 years of age entered a Normal School in North Carolina. The school was set up to train teachers to educate formerly enslaved people. She went on to Columbia U. and Paris U. . This woman wrote about women of color as the hope for African- Americans to evolve and aspire their potential not by holding onto anger and victimization. But by revering that which springs life and nurtures it... woman. Ms. Cooper also saw hope in America. " And here let me say parenthetically that our satisfaction in American institutions rests not on the fruition we now enjoy, but springs rather from the possibilities and promise that are inherent in the system, though as yet, perhaps, far in the future". She did not wait for others to create what only she could do. Thank-You Anna Julia Cooper.. a hero for all humankind.

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