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President Brack Hussein Obama signed an executive order to create White House Womens Council he names Valerie Jarret to head it

President Brack Hussein Obama signed an executive order to create White House Women's Council he names Valerie Jarret to head it. "Remember" Valerie Jarrett was behind many personal attacks against Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during the 2008 Primary. Tell us what you think?

Washington Post Writer Chris Cilliza wrote this...
Obama Creates White House Women's Council
Valerie Jarrett will head a new White House women's council. AP photo by Evan Vucci
President Obama will sign an executive order tomorrow to establish a White House Council on Women and Girls, according to an administration official familiar with the move.
The Council will be chaired by Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser and personal friend to the president, and the day-to-day operations will be run Tina Tchen, who is currently director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and was a major fundraiser for Obama during the campaign.
"The mission of the Council will be to provide a coordinated federal response to the challenges confronted by women and girls to ensure that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies consider how their policies and programs impact women and families," reads a memo describing the move and obtained by The Fix.
The announcement is designed to coincide with the celebration of national women's history month.
Obama has both personal -- his wife and two daughters -- and political reasons to make this sort of high profile move to ensure that women's needs are being addressed by his administration.
In 2008, 53 percent of the electorate was female and Obama carried that group 56 percent to 44 percent over Arizona Sen. John McCain. That is a significant improvement from Sen. John Kerry's (D-Mass.) performance in 2004 when women made up 54 percent of the electorate and the Democrat won them by only three points.
Obama and his team know that if he can maintain his 2008 margin among women in his reelection race in three years time, he will be sitting pretty. Expect then more symbolic moves like the establishment of the Council to demonstrate Obama's commitment to women and women's issues.

No Quarter had this article about Jarrett, written by Lena Grove

By Lena Grove aka nasuScloseAuthor: Lena Grove aka nasuS Name: Lena GroveEmail: nomail@nomail.comSite: See Authors Posts (31) on November 15, 2008 at 11:30 AM in Allison Davis, Chicago Mansion, Chicago politics, Crown family, Current Affairs, Maytag, Michelle Obama, Richard Daley, Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett

From the NYTimes Caucus Blog, via Times Mark Halperin: Nearly two decades ago, Valerie Jarrett hired a young lawyer named Michelle Obama for a job at Chicago's City Hall. Now President-elect Barack Obama has hired Ms. Jarrett for a senior role in the White House.
Ms. Jarrett's role will be threefold, as is her title: White House Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison.

A longstanding member of Barack Obama's tiny core of top advisers, she will continue providing him with counsel on a wide-ranging set of issues, she said Friday evening. Second, she will serve as the White House point person for business with state and local officials. Additionally, she will supervise the Office of Public Liaison, a relatively quiet office which she hopes to turn into a more active channel for government-citizen collaboration.รข€ (
Read all. Italics mine.)
* * * * *
When you've done as much opposition research on Obama as has this blog, it is amazing what can be found right HERE about a woman about whom most American are Who's she” at the very same moment that all of you veteran NoQuarter readers are saying, Oh yeah. Her. It figures.
Here, in chronological order, are snippet' from many of our stories that refer to Valerie Jarrett. Even with our handy administrative-section search engine, this took a while, but it is worth it:
(1) From the great investigative story by City Nell, a true must-read,
How to Buy a Mansion You Can't Afford, February 4, 2008 (edited brilliantly by Truthteller) which, besides pointing out Jarrett's significant role in the trajectory of Michelle's career path, also explains how Michelle Obama became aware of the availability of the historic mansion:
In 1996, she left the Public Allies to help create a student volunteer program at The University of Chicago. By the time of this interview, she was the Executive Director of Community Affairs for The University of Chicago Hospitals. This is how Michelle portrays her change of career:
She was devastated when her father died from MS complications. That's when I started analyzing my life, sitting in a firm, she recalls, adding that in that same year she also lost one of her best friends from college to cancer. She soon left the firm to pursue a much lower-paying path in the public sector.The fact is Michelle was actively recruited for City Hall by a close friend,
Valerie Jarrett, who was Mayor Daley's Deputy Chief of Staff at that time. Valerie later became the Finance Chair of Obama's 2004 US Senate campaign and then First Treasurer of Barack's political action committee, Hope fund.
It helps to have friends at City Hall. Among other positions, Michelle was appointed twice to sit on the board of the
Commission of Chicago Landmarks for two consecutive terms. Michelle maintained this board seat from 1998 to March 2005, although normally a member only serves one 4 year term.
* * * * *
(2) From NoQuarter's story (formerly known as nasuS),
Obama's 2006 Earmarks & the Crown Family, March 13, 2008 (aided, as always, by Truthteller considerable knowledge of all things Chicago and by Andy, a reader who sent me great tips for a long time):
Lynn Sweet, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist,
has more on Michelle Obama and Obama's other earmarks:
Obama sought money for the University of Chicago Hospitals. Wife Michelle works for the University of Chicago Hospitals, appointed in spring 2005 as vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. She is now on leave from the job to campaign for her husband. Top campaign adviser and friend Valerie Jarrett is the Chair of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board and also Chair of the Executive Committee of that board. She has also been named Vice-Chair of the University's Board of Trustees. Obama taught at the U. of Chicago law school and the Obama's two daughters attend school there. [bold mine]
Here's an FYI digression: My March 13th story begins with the significance of the Crown family's money to Obama's "rise ” Larry Johnson has correctly tagged the billionaire Crown and Pritzker families as of the highest influence to both Barack Obama and his aide-de-camp Rahm Emanuel and
a cautionary tale for those KoolAid dipsomaniacs:
Do you remember the
Crown family? Do you remember the Crown patriarch who sits on the board of Maytag? Do you recall that Barack Obama, as a U.S. Senate candidate, met with Maytag workers, asked for their donations and promised them he help save their jobs, and that he then went to the Crown family and took their large donations, but never said a word to Crown about saving the jobs of the Maytag workers?
* * * * *
(3) From Larry Johnson's story, Let's Help Barack Fight the Smears, June 12, 2008, which answered his critics taunting him about the whitey tape:
Now, are you ready for the shocker? Look at the next paragraph of [Time magazine reporter Karen Tumulty's]
When the Obama campaign got wind of the rumor in April, Michelle's close friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett asked Michelle if there could be anything to it; the candidate's wife dismissed it out of hand.
I did not hear about the tape until MAY. REPEAT. I DID NOT HEAR ABOUT THE TAPE UNTIL MAY. Yet, the Obama campaign knew about the tape in April. Got it? And I am the one responsible for the so called rumor?
* * * * *
(4) From Un coup de dess story,
Boston Globe Expos, Part I: Introducing Cecil Butler, Obama's West Side Slumlord Patron, June 27, 2008, a stunning and sickening story of how Obama abetted his greedy friends in making millions from taxpayers by privatizing public housing and letting it go to ruin or driving out the poor. You will see that Valerie Jarrett had a DIRECT ROLE and MADE MILLIONS from taxpayers monies while making the inhabitants of public housing criminally miserable. If you've never read this story, you simply must do so. If only the MSM had picked up this courageous investigative report by the Boston Globe and given it the play it deserved, Barack Obama would likely not be president-elect. That is how devastating this story is.
It is stomach-churning that Valerie Garrett had ANY role in this cruel, corrupt, and calamitously consumptive plundering of public monies.
First, a brief introduction from the No Quarter
story is in order:
This is the first of a series of articles to be written on a lengthy expos published in the Boston Globe entitled
Grim Proving Ground for Obama's Housing Policy.The 27 JUN 2008 investigative report is required reading for all No Quarter users.
Now, here is first of the bizarre, baffling and bold sections that describe some of Valerie Jarrett's plundering and political moves:
Campaign finance records show that six prominent developers - including Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko - collectively contributed more than $175,000 to Obama's campaigns over the last decade and raised hundreds of thousands more from other donors. Rezko alone raised at least $200,000, by Obama's own accounting.
One of those contributors, Cecil Butler, controlled Lawndale Restoration, the largest subsidized complex in Chicago, which was seized by the government in 2006 after city inspectors found more than 1,800 code violations.
Similar to Rezko, Cecil Butler is a developer who profited from the privatization of low income, public housing in Chicago during the 1990s. Butler is also not coincidentally a major supporter of Barack Obama whose low income tenements were ultimately seized by the government for multiple building code violations.
Boston Globe provides a description and a brief history of Butlers Lawndale Restoration.
And yet more:
Who helped Cecil Butler secure government funds for Woodlawn Restoration? Barack Obama, of course: the
same Barack Obama who wrote letters on behalf of Rezko's slum properties the same year residents of Rezko's tenements were complaining of lack of heat and sanitation services. For the Executive Vice President of Habitat Co., the company who helped Butler manage his deteriorating warren of slums, was Valerie Jarrett, another Obama contributor who develops low income housing and serves as a top advisor to the Obama for President campaign. The Boston Globe explains how Obama exploited his position as state Senator to assist Jarrett and Cecil Butler. I quote:
Obama translated that belief into legislative action as a state senator. In 2001, Obama and a Republican colleague, William Peterson, sponsored a successful bill that increased state subsidies for private developers. The law let developers designated by the state raise up to $26 million a year by selling tax credits to Illinois residents. For each $1 in credits purchased, the buyer was allowed to decrease his taxable income by 50 cents.
This No Quarter story ends thusly:
A disturbing pattern emerges, and it can be summarized as follows:
Obama secured funds for developers who desired to earn profits off of low income housing during the privitization scheme of the Chicago Housing Authority that occurred during Barack Obama's tenure as a state Senator. Those developers include Tony Rezko, Valerie Jarrett and Cecil Butler.
These public-private partnerships failed, leaving many in squalor.
Barack Obama remained silent, but he accepted contributions from Rezko, Jarrett, Butler and others.
Rezko is not an isolated case. Obama also colluded with the likes of Cecil Butler, whose negligence inspired African-American residents of the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side to organize support for radical Republican Alan Keyes during Obama's 2004 Senate bid.
Obama's desire to privatize public housing has resulted in a series of failed projects that have left the indigent in squalor.
But Obama accepted the political contributions of these unscrupulous developers nonetheless.
Flineo created a video entitled Obama's Forgotten People,and I publish it again, as there is a new group of low income housing residents on the West Side of Chicago Obama we can add to the group on the South Side Obama abandoned in order to climb the political and social ladder.
Nothing, in my opinion, is more deplorable than a career politician who exploited African-Americans in low income housing for political and personal gain. And Obama did it again and again in inner city Chicago. Now he has manipulated African-Americans across the country to view his candidacy as the empowerment of the very people Obama ignored in order to line the pockets of his slumlord friends and contributors. Progressives and ostensible Democrats may forget, but those of us who are concerned with social justice will continue to serve as the true muckrakers this election cycle.
The edifices reproduced in this essay are buildings managed by Cecil Butler. The restoration project that followed in the wake of Cecil Butlers mismanagement of Lawndale Restoration is described in
this document.
"Also To Note"
Valerie Jarrett
Who Am I?
Chicago Medical Center As Well." (Jay Newton-Small, "Campaign Insider," Time, 4/7/08)
"Chicago Is In The Running For The 2016 Olympics and One Of Obama's Top Advisers, Valerie Jarrett, Is The Vice Chair Of Chicago's Bid Committee." (Lynn Sweet, "McCain, Obama, Clinton All Push Bush On China Games," Chicago Sun-Times, 4/10/08)
Under A Plan Devised By The City Of Chicago And Habitat Co., "The City Has Lost More Than 13,000 Housing Units For The Poor." (Jason Grotto and Laurie Cohen, "Obama Adviser Shapes City Housing Policy," Chicago Tribune, 7/5/08)
"Habitat Has Earned $6.8 Million In Fees And $10.8 Million In Administrative Expenses Since The Plan Started In 2000, According To The U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development." (Jason Grotto and Laurie Cohen, "Obama Adviser Shapes City Housing Policy," Chicago Tribune, 7/5/08)
"Jarrett Is The Chief Executive Of Habitat Co., Which Managed Grove Parc Plaza From 2001 Until This Winter And Co-Managed An Even Larger Subsidized Complex In Chicago That Was Seized By The Federal Government In 2006, After City Inspectors Found Widespread Problems." (Binyamin Appelbaum, "Grim Proving Ground For Obama's Housing Policy," The Boston Globe, 6/27/08)
"In 2006, Federal Inspectors Graded The Condition Of [Grove Parc] An 11 On A 100-Point Scale - A Score So Bad The Buildings Now Face Demolition." (Binyamin Appelbaum, "Grim Proving Ground For Obama's Housing Policy," The Boston Globe, 6/27/08)
"[Jarrett] Has Also Served As Chair Of Both The Chicago Transit Board And The Chicago Stock Exchange." (Jay Newton-Small, "Campaign Insider," Time, 4/7/08)
"[M]ayor Richard Daley Thursday Announced The Merger Of The City's Planning Department And Economic Development Department, To Be Headed By Valerie Jarrett, His Former Deputy Chief Of Staff." (Robert Davis, "Daley Merges Planning, Economic Development Staffs," Chicago Tribune, 10/11/91)
"Jarrett, Then Deputy Chief Of Staff, Remembers Interviewing Michelle For An Assistant's Job In The Chief Of Staff's Office." (Rosalind Rossi, "The Woman Behind Obama," Chicago Sun-Times, 1/20/07)
Jarrett Is A Trustee Of The University Of Chicago And The University Of Chicago Medical Center. (The University Of Chicago Web site,, Accessed 8/11/08)
"[Jarrett] Has Also Served As Chair Of Both The Chicago Transit Board And The Chicago Stock Exchange." (Jay Newton-Small, "Campaign Insider," Time, 4/7/08)
Facts About Me and Barack
Valerie Jarrett Is A "High-Level Unpaid Adviser" Who "Bridges Obama's Political And Personal Lives And Is Close To His Wife, Michelle." (Lynn Sweet, "The Inner Circle," Chicago Sun-Times, 3/9/08)
Jarrett Was Present In The Obama Household During Many Of The Discussions Leading Up To His Decision To Run For President. (Rebecca Johnson, "The Natural," Vogue, 9/07)
"[Jarrett] Also Served As Finance Chair For U.S. Sen. Barack Obama's 2004 Campaign." ("Remember, Celebrate, Act," Hyde Park Citizen, 1/11/06)
Jarrett Is The "Liaison Between Obama's Private Life And Campaign Life." (Shailagh Murray, "In Obama's Circle, Chicago Remains The Tie That Binds," The Washington Post, 7/14/08)
In 1991, Jarrett Interviewed Michelle Obama For Her Position In Mayor Richard Daley's (D-IL) Office. (Rosalind Rossi, "The Woman Behind Obama," Chicago Sun-Times, 1/20/07)
In 2006, Obama Requested A Total Of $5.5 Million In Earmarks For Chicago's Museum Of Science And Industry; Jarrett Serves On The Museum's Board Of Directors. (Obama For America Web site,, Accessed 6/3/08; Chicago Museum Of Science And Industry, Internal Revenue Service Form 990, 2006)
"Indeed, From The Start, Obama's Inner Circle Included Valerie Jarrett And Penny Pritzker, Powerful And Well-Connected Chicago Businesswomen." (Carrie Budoff Brown, "Obama Campaign Adds Women To Top Ranks," Politico, 6/20/08)
My Donations and Bundling for Barack
Valerie Jarrett Is A Bundler For Obama's Presidential Campaign And Has Committed To Raising $100,000 To $200,000. (Obama For America Web site,, Accessed 7/17/08)
Since 2002, Jarrett Has Contributed At Least $21,300 To Obama's PAC And Campaigns. (CQ Money Line Web site,, Accessed 7/31/08)
What Barack Says About Me
Obama: "I Trust Her Completely." (Don Terry, "'In The Path Of Lightning'," Chicago Tribune, 7/27/08)
Obama: "She participates in every conversation we have in the campaign. She is involved in broad strategic decisions about our message and how we approach the campaign, and she's involved in the details of managing the organization. She's really a great utility player." (Don Terry, "'In The Path Of Lightning'," Chicago Tribune, 7/27/08)
"'She's Always Very Insistent On Me Trusting My Instincts,' Obama Told Me. 'One Of The Dangers In Running For High Office Is You Get So Much Chatter In Your Ear That You Stop Listening To Yourself.'" (Don Terry, "'In The Path Of Lightning'," Chicago

Personal Friends

Jim Crown

Mayor Richard M. Daley

The Joyce Foundation

Martin Nesbitt

Barack Obama

David Plouffe

Penny Pritzker

Dr. Eric Whitaker

The Woods Fund of Chicago


1950 Democrat said...

WP: Obama Creates White House Women's Council [ Jarrett ]
The Council will be chaired by Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser and personal friend to the president, and the day-to-day operations will be run Tina Tchen, who is currently director of the White House Office of Public Liaison and was a major fundraiser for Obama during the campaign.",,0,0,,,,

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Here is some background on Jarrett and some other Obama advisors:

No Quarter had this article about Jarrett, written by Lena Grove

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unityindiversity said...

Of course he would pick Jarrett for this post- she has no ethics nor allegiances other than corrupt ambition. Therefore, she fits in perfectly with his other upside-down appointments of people who have neither competence nor regard for the area of their appointment.

So what can we expect of Jarrett in this post? Nothing to really support women. Everything to manipulate this demographic to support obama.

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