Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maybe People In This Nation Are Taking Governor Sarah Palin & Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton More Serious

"Sold Out"
2nd edition printing comming
If you thought Hillary Clinton was a controversial female force, just wait until you get a good look at Sarah Palin! Bluewater Productions proudly presents a critical examination of the life and times of John McCain's running mate in the next part of their examination of important female individuals.From high school basketball star to Governor of the state of Alaska, Sarah Palin's rise to the halls of power has led her from her hometown of Wasilla to the campaign trail as a Vice Presidential candidate. Shaped by her family and her faith, discover how Sarah Palin became a national political force to be reckoned with! her beginnings at Wellesley to the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, Hillary Clinton has from the outset raised critical issues of feminism, politics, and philosophy. Telling the story of her life, Hillary Clinton will explore the former First Lady and current Senator from the state of New York, from her detractors and how they view her to those in her party who are inspired by her and would nominate her.

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