Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Sorry I Been Not Here" Actions...

Little sparrow in the snow knocking at my window, greeting my day with and urgency like I have never known. He been here before while I am on the phone, late at night surprisingly, or just amusing the little patter of my cats pleas to come and stay and play. I know by all my senses it means more. Maybe a message of forth coming surprises, or death itself lurked on the horizon. I feel like I am doomed in some sort of way, a foreboding warning on of pending disaster. Maybe it is just a message of change.
I am not sure but the last two weeks I been unlike myself more than ever, a complacency. I been slumping about and a fidgeting mess. My only solace has been reading the same series of books and hovering in bed.

I been hearing about a stimulus package that spells doom. Nobody gets the picture that the United States of America has been borrowing money at a record pace in the last two quarters it has been unprecedented record numbers. Three, four, ten fold the estimate. Our nation is going down and I believe the powers that be are pushing that more than ever. Is this the new world order, globalization? I have seen the effects of people calling in like never before contacting their Representative, that is why Daschel withdrew. I urge everybody to call now for the hope of a the failure of a pork laden bailout plan. Senator John McCain has a petition going around I hope you choose to sign it .

Missouri is holding legislative hearings on the ERA, I hope people choose to encourage them to support a ERA resolution. I would hope you would find it in your heart to call or email just to give them encouragement...

As women of this nation we equal just a little over 52% of the nation. Do you find that it is time women to have an equal playing field; to gets this amendment it means women issues will finally be address. We have 16% Representation in Washington do you not think this is unbalanced. “Please” don't give me the tripe argument it because women choose not to run. We have to get into the arena first and they been holding us out for years. I am amazed at the women who slipped through. “But in the end they all meet road blocks. Is it not time men who had the reigns of this nation for over two hundred years, a woman would have a chance?

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