Friday, February 6, 2009

Action Alert

Big Time Action Alert Three States Need To Get The ERA Federally; Arkansa is holding there hearings and resolution, we need people to pass this on far and wide to get people to call and email the Represenatives and comittees...
Thank You...

Contributed by: Carolyn Cook
On February 10th at 10AM ERA supporters will meet in Room 207 which is left of the old Supreme Court Room in the Capitol. We will pick up materials, get info and then go personally lobby senators and representatives for the ERA. Please pass the word to your friends who support and come to help us lobby.
The American Association of University Women is having Lobby Day that date and will have lunch in a room in the capitol cafeteria. Lunch cost $10. All are invited to join them for lunch with legislators. We must make reservations so please email me by 9AM this Thursday, Feb.5 if you would like lunch.Keep up the emails and calls to all members of the State Agencies Committees and your area senators and representatives.See you February 10!
Berta Seitz, ERA State Director
Even if you are unable to join us in Little Rock-
TAKE ACTION!Contact the Senate and House State Agencies Committee and ask them to support the Equal Rights Amendment.

Arkansas State Agencies CommitteeSenateSteve Faris -
Gilbert Baker -
Ed Wilkinson -
Steve Bryles -
Kim Hendren
Randy Laverty - none given phone 870-446-5005
Bobby Glover -
Bill Pritchard -
House of RepresentativesRick Saunders -
Lindsley Smith -
Steve Harrelson -
Eddie Cheatham -
Gene Shelby -
Ed Garner -
Clark Hall -
Donna Hutchinson -
Larry Cowling -
Dan Greenberg -
Duncan Baird -
Andrea Lea -
Jonathan Dismang -
Butch Wilkens -
Uvalde Lindsey
Linda Tyler -
Karen Hopper -
Davy Carter -
Tiffany Rogers -
Mary Slinkard - no email given

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