Friday, January 2, 2009


I must start off this New Year with praise to a woman many may know, but if you don't let me introduce Dr. Saharra Bledsoe. I find her to be a kinder spirit, a woman of substance and great strength. Through her constant support I started Democracy In Suffrage, without her I believe I would have not got the direction I needed to get it off the ground. Her amazing directness and force had me convince I could move mountains, and even now when I spent a dark month of December there is this spark she ignited. I am up in this early part of January ready to find the direction of the fight. Like the many holes to plug, many plans to be laid. I can thank her for her strength, and nudge that just got me motivated once again. I can easily say a thousand things from our multitude of talks, and exchanges that sometime showed our difference, but always showed our bond. Here is a link to a night I remember dear to my heart. You will see why I think she is so amazing. I will end this with one note she never left me when keys got misplaced in the night, and she showed me that I mattered without a single word. I thank you so much Dr. “B” for being you, and making me apart of your life...

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