Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Women's Rights are Human Rights"

I am reaching out to all, if you believe Women's rights are human rights then you will find yourself at this rally on Saturday. Democracy In Suffrage got their work cut out for them in Harrisburg. January 2009 will be the big kick off of meeting legislature in Harrisburg to kick start the campaign for equal pay for equal work. We need everyone we can get to join our forces. This is a good opportunity to extend the hand. If you believe in the Constitution of the United States of America you will be there. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton herself march proudly in the Pride Parade in New York. Governor Sarah Palin passed the domestic partnership benefits in Alaska, and when pushed came to shove I heard even Senator John McCain said if he was President and a bill came across the desk, he would have to sign it cause it is Constitutional. I want you to show you can look beyond, and show if this was your child that rights for them would be equal, just like the long fight for equality for womens rights...
Sincerely Ms. Matthews

There are going to be nationwide protests against the Anti-Equality California Prop 8 at 1:30pm EST this Saturday. In case you want to join in, it looks like there will be folks protesting at the City County building Downtown (414 Grant St Pittsburgh, PA 15219) and at Shenley Plaza in Oakland (4100 Forbes Ave - Between Carnegie Library and Hillman Library). There is more information at:
also on Facebook.
This is not a Stonewall Democrats event; I'm just passing information along.
Also, here is a cool editorial broadcast from MSNBC:

Kris Rust
President, Steel City Stonewall Democrats