Thursday, November 6, 2008

Democracy In Suffrage

I apologize for not speaking on November fifth. But I need time to reflect. I am bog down with getting much pressing things done. I believe in my heart that the fight was on before November forth, but now the war is on. Women and men got to stand strong and fast. To gain back a country many I know so dearly love. It is going to take sacrifice, diligence, and most important determination. I don't believe many have this fortitude but I got to believe I myself must take or better yet, make this stand. Actually I want to believe again. I want to believe there is good and decent people who want to open their minds and expand their knowledge and personal growth. To better understand oneself and surroundings the better the world is. I want to know I do not stand alone to put it all on the line to advance women's rights, better yet human rights. Democracy In Suffrage ( D.I.S ) is still proceeding with the state of Pennsylvania to fight for equal pay for equal work and to bring the server minimum wage up to $7.25 an hour. I believe there will be action we will be taking on a national level.
Now I have gotten every kind of phone call, this week my life has been threatened and people screaming Obama or confronting me outside the front of my home. I am not daunted or scared. I am interested in some of the phone calls. I have a friend call who believe it is an Alien take over, ( this is my favorite ). I have people telling me this is the Illuminati or the New World order, I could believe the latter. I had a friend call and say we should form the Resistance like in France did. I like this idea with out the violence.
I just know I am here, and I must go on from here. I am sadden but not upset, or crying. I am looking at this as a challenge. I did not back down when George Bush got elected, even though I think this is worst. I am not going to over react, I rather remain rational, and plan a course of action from here.
I am sending out a call to everyone to please send cards, and flowers to Governor Sarah Palin. I feel in my heart we need to let her know we thank her for her efforts. We apologize for the treatment she received from the nation at large. I believe we should send a thank you to Senator John McCain also.
Please stand strong, and work with us, the Resistance has begun...

Democracy In Suffrage


Governor Sarah Palin & First Gentleman of Alaska Mr. Todd Palin

907) 465-3500 (907) 465-3532 (Fax)

120 4th Street, Juneau, AK 99801

Senator John McCain and his wife MS. Cindy McCain

241 Russell Senate Office BuildingWashington, DC 20510

Main 202-224-2235

Fax: 202-228-2862