Sunday, November 2, 2008

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This is the Weather Under Ground symbol left and Obama's...
I also tried to tell people this is the rising sun. The rising sun is not a symbol of unity and change. I believe this shows his close friendship of Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. I believe also that it has great ties to his Islamic past and fellowship with the likes of Khallidi, Auchi. I like what one blogger had to say...

The great theme of Obama is that his campaign promises to end party divisiveness, bring hope and change that will unify the country. Obama’s Rising Sun represents that unity through a rising hope.In Islam, The rising sun is a sign of Allah. Indeed, the sun plays a significant role in Islam. The Islamic call to prayer sequences around the sun, with prayer at sunrise, before and after the sun has reached noon, and at sunset.The rising sun is also a significant guide for followers of Abraham. The Prophet Abraham's quest for God as an example of how those who follow His signs will be rightly guided: When he saw the rising sun in splendor, he said: 'This is my Lord, this is the greatest (of all). (Qur'an 6:75-79)And again, “When the Khazrajis, who had become Muslim, were about to return to Yathrib, they asked the Holy Prophet of Islam for a missionary, and he assigned Mas'ab ibn `Umir to accompany them. Thus, the people of Yathrib were informed of the Rising Sun of Islam and hurried to gain information about the new faith.”Historically, a Rising Sun has not been a symbol of unity. In Islam as noted above, it represents the rise of Islam above all other faiths. It was also used by imperialistic Japan in the 20th century in its quest to dominate Asia and the Pacific. The Rising Sun is a symbol of a conquering movement.Obama is using his Rising Sun in triumph over the symbols of unity in the Great Seal and Presidential Seals of the US. The shield in the center of the Great Seal and Presidential Seal has 13 stripes, signifying unity of the original 13 colonies. Obama blotted out this unifying symbol with his vanquishing Rising Sun.Since the Obama Campaign ended the use of the Presidential Seal, it would be easy to dismiss the episode as a onetime campaign blunder. Why would Obama choose a Rising Sun, and when did this icon appear in his campaign?On Feb 10, 2007 Obama announced his Presidential Candidacy. On Feb 16, Rising Sun first appeared on his website. In April 2007 Jeremiah Wright’s essay, “Facing the Rising Sun” is published in Trumpet magazine.In that essay Wright proclaims “God raised Barack from a dead political career to the United States Senate. Then, as Jesus ascended into Heaven, God made a way for Barack to ascend to the pinnacle of politics. . . . We are truly in a “new day.”Wright’s “Rising Sun” essay chronicles the rise of Barack, with no mention of the Hope or Change. The Rising Sun is a symbol of a movement, but that movement is not Hope and Change, it is Obama and the Liberation Theology of the Trinity Church.Liberation Theology is not a unifying faith. It is a scourge of Catholicism and Christianity, and of Capitalist Democracy.Pope Benedict XVI has fought the infiltration of Marxists promoting Liberation Theology throughout the Americas and Caribbean. In "Liberation Theology" (2007) he wrote:"...where the Marxist ideology of liberation had been consistently applied, a total lack of freedom had developed, whose horrors were now laid bare before the eyes of the entire world. Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much. Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes not divine, but demonic."In 1984 before taking the title Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger wrote " would be illusory and dangerous to ignore the intimate bond which radically unites them (liberation theologies), and to accept elements of the Marxist analysis without recognizing its connections with the (Marxist) ideology, or to enter into the practice of the class-struggle and of its Marxist interpretation while failing to see the kind of totalitarian society to which this process slowly leads."Obama has flip flopped on every major issue, which serves to mask his ideology. But he has not flipped on how he will approach taxes and expenditures. Like a true Marxist, he will tax those that earn, and give to those who idle. Obama’s core policies are Marxist. State run Health Care. Increased payroll taxes on the middle class and wealthy to pay Social Security benefits.Obama preaches the good sermon on the campaign trail with the mantra of Hope for the US and Change for Washington. But looking past the rhetoric, into his ties with the radical left, and into his core beliefs, his Liberation Theology indoctrination, and arrogant campaign symbols, it is easy to see the very real danger an Obama Presidency will bring.

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