Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Is This Socialism Or What"
Listen and let me know what you think?

"Biden Gaffe"

Listen to Senator Biden bold face gaffe, he actually said there has been no ties between ACORN and Obama 2008 campaign, it has already come to light that over eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars was paid to a subsidiary of ACORN from the Obama campaign...
This should be all over the main stream media...

"We must remind Home Depot Joe that he said he would be proud to be on a McCain ticket"
Please contact Senator Joe Biden and let him know we agree
Washington D.C.
201 Russell Senate Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20510
tel: (202) 224-5042
fax: (202) 224-0139
"got to go here to email him"
I love Biden could you see this man come up with some of his originals with Dignitaries...

Illuminati & New World Order (Tri Lateral Commission)

Illuminati means awaken one in Latin it is plural...

New World Order this is the global initiative or Tri Lateral Commission, one world government or world order, some on this list included James Baker Sectary of State, George Bush Sr., George Bush Jr., Jimmy Carter, General Colin Powell, William Jefferson Clinton, Dick Cheney Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, are just some of the members, that ...

I have heard that Obama has been groom for this from young. This scares me in the sense we don't know who he is. Even though he screams about transparency in government, he has failed to do so himself. Every politician from long ago have shown how they paid for there college education, or was willing to show transcripts, and thesis, Obama refused to do this. Obama even refused to make his medical records for public viewing. This is typical things every politician does in this day and age. Obama refuses to produce a birth certificate to show his naturalise status, and raised question himself of McCain birth record. Also his flip, flopping, leads me to wonder what he really believes. Look he said he is up for equal pay for equal work, but does not practice it in his Senate staff. One minute he is for gun control or handgun banning, but when the Supreme court steps in he said oh that is constitutional. Look you cannot have it both ways. Now for Obama who has said that McCain has voted for all the Bush goodies, once again I must point out that McCain did not vote for FISA, Obama did, Bush-Cheney energy bill, McCain did not vote for it but Obama did, there are many examples of that, So when you hear about Obama saying how McCain sided with Bush this many times it is basically stretching the truth, in all actuality Obama sided with Bush on some of the most critical things were McCain did not. I hear also about getting youth signed up in a community corps this is kind of scary, cause this is what Mao, Hitler some other fascist, communist, imperialistic regimes have done. I myself have no problem getting are youth involved but getting them mandatory sign up in this community plan is frightening. I am not saying that he is the Illuminati or this is the New World Order; I am asking that everyone wake up realise there has been a dumbing down of our youth, most of our graduates could not pass a test given out a hundred years ago to a six grader. That people have become less involved in our government, it shows when more vote for an American Idol, than a President. I am asking everyone step up and get involved before it is to late, and we have a New World Order, or something more frightening. I hoping this all comes to light but before it is to late. Why is it in our Senate the majority are lawyers, this bothers me for sure. I want a Mr. or Ms. Smith goes to Washington. Term limits are going to just make sure only the wealthy rule. "PLEASE" stand up "PLEASE" get involved "PLEASE" start asking our press to tell the truth "PLEASE" tell us what you think?