Saturday, October 11, 2008

"This Man Told It Like It Is"

This is what Democracy looks like this man was great! Listen to Senator John McCain I love it what he has to say, but better than that he is telling the truth. Now can I get a witness.

"Is This The Leftist Facist Take Over"

My favorite quote in this video is we want free health care, not affordable heath care but free. I think people who cannot afford health care should get it free, but this women is talking like a socialist. This video shows exactly why they have been indited in 12 States, investigations going on in over twenty states, now the other thing funny in this video they have talk about making loans and mortgages for low income, but once again ACORN strong armed finical institution to give loans out to welfare recipients, people with no jobs, this is a part of the reason we have this crisis. Now I am not saying there was no hook an crook by some of these finical institutions, but the majority of it comes from this. Must I remind people of Fannie & Freddie Mac. These are some of the finical institution the Democrats have had the fingers and hands in. I am a proud Democrat mind you. This why we need to be aware of Obama he has been Link to all this.
(”CRL Testimony On ACORN’s Voter Fraud,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/25/08)
ACORN’s largest organization exists in Chicago. And it is in Chicago that Obama first worked with ACORN on a “project vote” campaign during his community organizing days. At this time he was noticed by Madeleine Talbott, the director of the Chicago Operations. She hand picked Obama to train her staff. When Obama returned to Chicago in the 90s, Madeleine Talbott was just beginning to make her run on banks. Remember Obama paid ACORN over eight hundred thousand dollars to do voter registration for his campaign.

The probe into fraudulent voter registrations in Allegheny County may soon produce criminal charges, according to the DA. The charges may not be limited to the misdemeanor of registration fraud, either, but potentially forgery — a felony that carries a stiff sentence:
The Allegheny County district attorney said Thursday that criminal charges could result from nearly 100 fraudulent voter registrations submitted in the Pittsburgh area, some of which came from a group accused of flooding elections offices around the country with bogus applications. …

more to come on this for sure. Remember ACORN officials already have been indited in this state.

Trust me most the states under investigation, are swing states or states where McCain is strong in. These are the states ACORN is going strong in because this is the only way to get a win for Obama. I known Republicans have done some dirty deeds but this has made them look like boy scouts & girl scouts. I am a moderate Democrat with some liberal ideals but this whole campaign from the hook and crook take over of the DNC, giving delegates and giving a nomination to a man who did not rightfully secure the nomination. Then the travesties that have been going on in the general election scary me. I see the Obama youth being trained like the Hitler Youth, watch this video , or these video's ,


I am angry, tired, scared, mad, confused, all because I see a fascist take over of the United States of America, and the pi piper is a man? Who anyone with an IQ of over fifty could figure out, he was a less than honest man. associated with terrorist, thugs, religious radicals, Muslim/ Islamic extremist, crooks criminals...
Now I am not saying Americans are stupid, no, but I am saying they have a very American Idol mentality as one person I know calls it, a five second attention span, oh is that's pretty mentality. Were our daughters think they got to serve themselves up like platters with, fake chest, lipo-sucked, mid drift baring, eating disorder hopefuls on a quest, yes they are worthy because they done so...
When will I ask? I see, hope coming back were people think, use judgement, act as patriots, Americans. Instead of people oh they support that so I will cut my nose off to spite my face mentality. Women stand in the grocery lines of America reading the five second blips on magazine ignoring the real monster, preying on our young women, lurking in the boiler rooms of the media germ pools as I like to call it, beating a sick heart beat on our local and national news, and can we forget some of the lyrics to what they call music. No I don't care if your music is provocative but do you have to degrade the women of the world, and we have numb every women in this country to it. Like sleeping little puppies in a gas chamber, they did not see it coming. I look at a picture someone took of Governor Sarah Palins legs from behind, what disturbed me was they captured a young man right in the middle of her legs at the front of the stage. The monster who took the picture knows it makes it appear that the man is looking up her skirt, even though that is not the case.
"OK" I am going to go to bed and sleep finally, here is my prayer, now I lay me down to sleep, pray oh yes that women will seek, the respect and understanding of all. that tomorrow will be a call, of justice for all, even though it may not be true, some how people find the truth, and say enough is enough, women will get equal pay, and realise that hey? Obama is like Osama, and he not true, so let's elect a women and give her whats due...
Goodnight all...

"The March"

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