Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Press Conference"

Democracy In Suffrage Announces a new press conference in the Rotunda of the Capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg,
October 23, 2008
12:00pm to 1:00pm
"This" campaign; this election is not over, and we just got started, Democracy In Suffrage is just a seed that has been planted not long ago. We now see the sprout coming out of the soil, but like a strong oak tree it is going to take years to grow.
Grow Tall, Grow Proud, Grow Smart...
"Never" hesitate to educate or admit when you are wrong"...
Time is the enemy, and education is the gift. Democracy In Suffrage, number one goal is to educate society as a whole, that women's rights is human rights, and misogyny must be combated on every level.
"Join the cause, Join the fight, Join the unity"...
Suffragettes & Men of Honor...
We send out the call...

"Some News On The March"

March For
McCain & Palin
October 13, 2008
2:30pm, State College, PA
In Attendance
Democracy In Suffrage, Free Us Now Mavericks, NOBAMA's,Hillary Supporters, 18 million voices phase 2, Democrats For McCain, And You! All McCain & Palin Supporters Welcomed!
Please RSVP here
We got the permit we have the time, march 2:30pm, we are meeting up at 1:30, please get there early much work to do. I promise I am working on the best place for us to meet up, so not to cause any problems we want this as smooth as possible. We are working on using the McCain headquarters there as a meeting place and a base start of the march, but they have yet to confirm. We are also working with the college as an option. So bear with us I plan to announce soon what is up. I apologise for any confusion...
Sincerely Ms. Matthews

"This Man Was Called Racist"

Sheriff Mike Scott
His crime was announcing Governor Sarah Palin at a rally in Florida.
How so do you ask ? Well it went like this. When Sheriff Scott took the stage, he said that the world had three types of people, “the ones who make things happen, the ones who watch what happens and the ones who wonder what happened. Let’s leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened.” That was it.
Now the ACLU, NAACP, want to take this man down for being racist. For mentioning a Senator middle name, a name I might add was used by that Senator till he ran for president.
"Senator Barack Hussein Obama"
Now this is senseless legal pandering at it's finest...

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