Saturday, September 27, 2008


I believe any woman who does not support this ticket, is a betrayal against thier gender, the more I see, the carrying on out there, the angrier I get. If I hear one more time about the right to choose I am going to scream. We need leadership in this country. The Democrats have been in power for two years. Have they stopped Bush no. Have they made a commitment to end the war no. Have they made any strides in making our economy secure no. I have seen Dennis Kucinich tried to rally the Democrats to impeach Bush & Cheny, but the Democratic leadership shot him down countless times. Democrats want to give a 750 billion dollar blank check, with no oversight committee. Some of that money they propose would go to the Acorn group, which I believe would just end up in the Obama's campaign. Some of the finest Democrats we have in office agree this is a mistake to give a blank check with no oversight...


"The First Presidential Debate"

I think one thing came out of this debate is how little Obama truly knows. How off base he was to mince words, and the work's of Henry Kissinger. I think Senator John McCain, he truly showed he is a leader. McCain I believe was very "Presidential". I hope the message got out there, that Obama is dangerous, egotistical, and blind side of his self worth, and importance. Let me know what you thought of the debate...