Friday, September 26, 2008

"Our First Press Release"

I like to thank all the people who made this possible; Glo you are constant strength and encouragement. I like to thank our Co Hort the Judge, and thank you for bringing your son ( an asset to us all ). To work hard is an understatement, I will put in the work for the success of Democracy In Suffrage. I like to thank the people who did show up and supported us. I believe even the smallest step is a leap forward. I hope to see each and everyone of you in the future. I know that it takes the courage of the few who make a movement build.
"Thank You All"

Democracy In Suffrage
Operation Bombardment
Let's start October off with a bang! Democracy In Suffrage calls upon all Political Action Groups to call your own press conference and announce your campaign to defeat Obama. We believe Oktoberfest should be celebrated with getting out the vote for McCain / Palin. We have templates for flyers, or create your own. Check your facts, include your sources. Please pass your flyers out, any place you can. Remember you have Halloween parades in your towns across America, which your group can march in wearing Senator Hillary Clinton gear, passing out flyers and candy. We recommend donning a Hillary mask, or better yet, Suffragette wear. There are even more festivals held in October than Oktoberfest (late September lasting into early October). Make sure no Obama rally goes unnoticed. I believe that out of 18 million there are enough of us to make a difference in the November Election. We know that McCain / Palin are not our ideals, but when it comes to experience to run a nation, we know they can. McCain has always acted like a moderate Democrat, and has crossed party lines on many occasions for the betterment of all. We must all say that to not vote for McCain / Palin because of a few issues that you don't agree with would be cutting your nose off to spite your face. Even Biden said he would be honored to be on McCain's ticket as Vice President; of course we all heard Biden say at a rally that Clinton would have been the better Vice Presidential choice than he, and that she had more than enough experience and qualifications to be President. We will take him at his word. McCain had the courage to show women of this great nation that not only could he choose a woman, but one who is more than qualified for the Vice Presidential spot. McCain spoke to every woman in the United States of America that he heard our call, and took action. Let's face it-- Sarah
Palin running a state for almost two years is more qualified than a Junior Senator who spent the first 147 days of his tenure running for President. So let's take that glass ceiling and shatter it once and for all. We call to our fellow Americans to get out the vote for McCain / Palin. Let's bring an understanding to all Americans--patriotism starts with their vote.