Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Break In To Sara Palin Yahoo Email"

I hear of so many Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters & bloggers having there emails hacked into (I myself). Things deleted or missing all together. Now surprisingly Governor Sara Palin email got hacked into. "Can We Say Obamabot's" Obama himself is dubious but his Hench men are Obamanations. "How can these cretins get away with this" When will it end, does anyone think like me, what kind of administration would he have with all this dubious goings on. Obama will do anything to get into the White House, and his Hench the same. I legally, or I should say, I cannot say they did this, but I believe in my heart they did...

"We Will Not Be Taken For Granted"

Alma Sanford - Female Rights Activist, Prominent Democrat To Back McCain
It seems like an epidemic . . . women leaving the Democratic Party. Alma Sanford is the chair of the Tennessee Democratic Women’s Political Action Committee. The longtime party activist has committed untold hours to the project of opening politics up to women in this good old cretin boy state. Alma represented the state at the DNC as a pledged Clinton delegate. She was recently honored by the National Federation of Democratic Women as humanitarian of the year. Alma Sanford has been a committed party activist for more than 30 years. Especially, she is a leader of Democratic women.

Here is another news flash. Top Democratic fundraiser Lynn Forester Rothschild (who I had the pleasure to meet) said she thinks Obama is arrogant & has a problem connecting with Americans. Rothschild is a member of Democrats abroad. She will announce her support for McCain & Palin in Washington today. Rothschild splits her time between New York & London, and was a top fundraiser for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, raising over $100,000. on her presidential campaign