Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"No Filibuster Prof"

“Well” it looks like the Democrats will not get their filibusterer prof Senate. Saxby Chambliss won the run off in Georgia, and Frankin is still behind in Minnesota. I am glad because the action of the Senate and Congress, in the last few years since 2006, have been a disastrous, so has previous. I am a proud Democrat and I like to see some of them champion, but the leaders of these Parties have proven to be less with the Constitution and more with the corporate greed. There was a time in this country were we had checks and balances. Now with the capitalist side of our Democratic Republic is running a muck, it seems we our headed for ruin. I love Governor Sarah Palin, I don't agree with all her positions, but we need people who go against the grain, and are whistle blowers. I love Congressman Dennis Kucinich, his quirky madness is refreshing, and his honesty is forth right, if he had his way President Bush and Vice President Chenny would be impeached and removed for all to see. I am sicken and sad what Nixon, Carter, Regan, Bush Sr. & Jr. brought us, but blame cannot be laden with just them, there is a long list of culprits. My respect and love for the Clinton's have been tarnished in many ways. I will not get in to that here. I believe all administrations from Nixon are to blame. I want my country back! I want to see it back on track, for the people of the people. I know this will not happen if we don't keep the fires burning, and get it to spread. I believe it is going to take great effort from many sectors of society, from the women who been scorned and burned, to the lgbt community which gets the short end. I believe like someone I know who is refreshing herself with the Constitution, and keeping up with trends and the latest. I say go Glo go. I am checking into were I will be in this fight, also were Democracy In Suffrage will be. Should we continue to fight the State for equal pay for equal work, should we align our forces with others like the New Agenda. I am not sure as of yet, I know I will continue on with equal pay for equal work, but what else? I believe I am in it for the long haul, and the storm has been brewing now the storm is here. Friday the Supreme Court Justices will proceed to make the call if Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to be President, if we look to the Constitution he is not. Now lets bear the witness if the Supreme Court will be the defender of it. Let us all pray that they do. I am not a Christian but I have my own faith and we do pray. I will be doing a lot of that. There is a new movie coming out I wish for all to see Milk, it is about a patriot who was cut down in his prime. Open your mind and your eyes you will see the parallel of womens rights, right there. I give hope, I give myself, and all in the country it is time to rally up and get beyond your differences and lets take back our country...
Sincerely Ms. Je'Amour P. Matthews ( Betty, Red Truck )
You may write to Justice Thomas at the following address:The Honorable Associate Justice Clarence ThomasUnited States Supreme CourtOne First Street, N.E.Washington, D.C. 20543. Also write toChief Justice RobertsUnited States Supreme CourtOne First Street, N.E.Washington, D.C. 20543Unlike Mr. Berg’s case, Mr. Donofrio’s case has standing. This may be just the case to bring down Obama. Let’s all do what lies in our power to help him win this important court case.

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