Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I was warned of what I may say here and the consequences. I was leery to ask all who came here to go to Citizen Wells.
Please, get informed, read, and sign the Petition...

"Please" Pass This On I Urge Everyone To Stop The Constitutional Convention This Will Cause. America Is Now In A Constitutional Crisis
Impeach, expel Barack Obama
Why investigate Senator Obama? Barack Obama was in the Illinois Senate for 8 years and was elected to the US Senate from Illinois in 2004. Senator Obama has been rushed to the forefront of the Democrat Party without being vetted for his integrity and credentials to be the Democrat Party's candidate for president. Little was known about the senator from Illinois until the past year. However, the investigations of the Federal Government, indictments by Patrick Fitzgerald, testimony during the Tony Rezko trial and research by those without ties to the Democrat Party, have unearthed volumes of incriminating evidence about Senator Obama that are of grave concern. The grass roots effort behind this website and petition has evolved out of the concern of millions of caring citizens. So, what can you as an average caring citizen do: If you do not know the real Obama, spend some time to get the facts. The main Stream Media has done a poor job of covering Senator Obama. Read the petition and ask questions. You may have to do a lot of digging. The Obama Campaign has spent millions to distort and hide information on the internet. Add your name to our online petition. Although, as many claim, online petitions are not as powerful as traditional pen on paper petitions, each name added will empower our efforts to be heard. Print out our petition or draft your own letter and forward it to your senators and representatives. This is still one of the most powerful forces to get their attention. If enough of us do so, they cannot ignore us.

Add your name to our online petition here:

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