Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"We Got The Permit"

Today was an exciting day things going well and I was waiting for the news if we got the permit for the march.

"We Got It"

Saddly I must also report that one of the members of council found it in herself to call me racist, sexist, not a Democrat, and not inteligent. Because I so choose to get a permit for a march for McCain & Palin..

The council member is Theresa Lafer, here is her letter to me...

Yes Ms. Matthews you do have a permit. However, just let me sayas a woman "of certain age" as your colleague put it, that I find your political stance to be unbelievably short sighted at best, and perhaps bigoted at worst.There is no doubt in my mind that there is no way that any actual Democrat (that includes Senator Clinton) would want John McCain,or the largely untested Governor Palin to follow the overtly anti-educationand patently incompetent Bush administration. I vote for women based on their abilities. Sarah Palin gets elected, and then leaves behind huge budget deficits -- just like George Bush. Getting elected is not enough-- doing a good job is far more important. In a national election when the person I back is beaten in the primary I suck it up and work with the winner. Our country has a complex system, but it can work. I vote for the party platform; when I don't accept that platform I vote for another party. In a local or regional election I vote for the individual who most matches my beliefs regardless of party. There is no way that McCain/Palin in any way match those of Hillary Clinton. So, either you chose women based on their reproductive organs only; or you won't vote for a non-white no matter his abilities and potential. Either is a travesty. Susan B. Anthony would tell you Suffrage is not a license to vote for incompetence; but rather to use your brain, not yourovaries to make a decision. She worked hard to prove our intelligence,you fight to prove her wrong. How sad.

Theresa Lafer State College Borough Council
Theresa Lafer is standing in the back row, on the right side of the photo her email for those who like to respond to her is tdl2 <tdl2@psu.edu>
let her know what you think.
I will post any further emails I get from her.
My response
Theresa Lafer; First and foremost I don't appreciate you calling me illiterate, second I don't appreciate being called racist. Now as for the platform, I was there when the DNC adopted it, and it reflected little of what Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton supported. It has been thirty five years since a women's issue has been put on the platform (fact). Now as for election reform as the Democrats promised, also got the Ole boot from the platform, they make the Republicans look like Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts in comparison, thanks to the lean Dean partying stealing machine. As for Governor Palin I take offense that you would also call me sexist, that I have not the ability to look beyond gender. Now for your ignorance Senator Joe Biden said in his bid for president he would be proud to be on Senator McCain ticket (fact). If you look at Senator John McCain's record he has been a moderate Democrat, and he has supported human rights over all. Also you cannot ignore that women in Senator Obama office make less than the men, and out number by the men (fact), out of the five in his office who make over a hundred thousand a year, only one is a woman and she is an office manager (fact). This makes Senator Obama a lier , because he said he supported equal pay for equal work yet he can not practice it in his own house. Now as for Senator McCain office, women out number the men and the practice of equal pay for equal work is a mandate (fact). Senator Obama is dangerous and a threat to the Democracy I love. I will not go blindly and vote for a man who surrounded himself with terrorist, radicals, thugs, and thieves. I agree Country over Party...
Sincerely Ms. Je'Amour P. Matthews
I sent a copy of mine and hers to her colleagues...

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