Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Theresa Lafer Banter"

Once again I get a response from Council members Theresa Lafer of State College PA, Now she is trying to justify her banter of her first letter, and tried to tell me I was not business like or professional because I brought her writings to light to her colleagues, and others. Sadly this is a woman who has not a clue how to conduct business...

Ms. Matthews,How truly disappointing that you think taking a private response and making it public is either appropriate or ethical.I have watched the problems caused by the Republican's since Ronald Reagan began deregulation three decades ago. I watchedhealth care, education, and social welfare fall apart with insufficient appropriations. I've watched the energy, credit, and banking industriesexpand prices, fees, and surcharges with no oversight and clear tiesto the agencies meant to regulate them. These costs are what I asa Borough resident and council member have to address on behalf ofmy constituents.Even worse, I've watched failures (many of them due to illegal behavior)of FEMA, the US Attorney General's Office, environmental agencies, themilitary, Veterans Affairs, etc all of them due to budget cuts by the Republican administration of just the past eight years. These have leftus vulnerable to terrorists, price gouging, crumbling infrastructure, andan inability to respond at all functionally to natural disasters.And you are worried (however sincerely) about the pay scales of the two Senator's office staffs? What of their right to Choice?The latest meltdown brought to us by the Republicans brings questions such as: What of the ability to pay the mortgage for a home of their own should they want it? What of health care? college loans for themselves and their children? What about the thousands of women making minimum wage? Or don't they count? This is a national election, no candidate is perfect. No platform addresses every wish. But the idea that you can throw out the entire Democratic platform and still honor Senator Clinton's political stand based on the differences you have sent me is beyond shortsighted. Thank you for the list of facts, etc. I do read a variety of conservative and liberal sources; and I visit various fact checking sites regularly. I wish you well in your march next week. Please enjoy your visit to our community,Theresa Lafer
My response
You represent State College as a council member must I remind you; this is a business matter, and you choose to attack me with your half sighted wits. I am not obliged to you, by a matter of decorum to either post, or make others aware of your correspondence. This is business must I remind you. Maybe a course of business may help you learn of this less than thoughtless insight. Once again I see you have hoof in mouth with your correspondence. I believe someone should show you the manner of business. Now I get a plea of how and why from you. I am not going to debate you in letter of politics, that was not my course of business with State College. Once again your banter is all over the place and your lack of concern of calling me racist, sexist, unintelligent, and not a Democrat; just because who I choose. I wish you would show you are professional and apologize to me, but that would be me, asking you to be professional.
Sincerely Ms. Je'Amour P. Matthews
I sent a copy of hers and mine to her colleagues...

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