Friday, October 31, 2008

"Sex Crimes"

“Sex Crimes”
Yes that what it is when you attack women either verbal or physical.
Once again Obama is throwing more sexist attacks at Governor Sarah Palin, in one ad after another.
Obama did the same with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, through adds and the media.
Let's face it Governor Sarah Palin manages a state with a ten billion budget, and the largest land mass of any other state. Governor Sarah Palin has the highest approval rating than any other Governor. Governor Sarah has more executive experience than any of the candidates running. When are the Obama women going to wake up this man has proven through action he does not care about women. Obama pays his female Senate Staff unequal to the men, and thats a fact. Obama created one sexist attack after another in the media, with Senator Clinton, and Governor Palin. Sadly our heroine is out on the campaign trail with this sexist pig. Where is Senator Hillary Clinton's stance on this, why is she pandering? I have no idea what he has on the Clinton's but this goes against what they stood for. This man made personal attacks calling them racist, throwing sexist ads, and giving her the brush off and the finger at one his rally s. I understand she supports the Democratic Party, but this has gone far from the call of duty...
Shelly Mandell, President of Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women: “I am outraged by the new ad put out by Barack Obama. It is sexist and demeaning to women. These tactics started with Hillary Clinton and continue, growing even more disgusting with Gov. Palin. I was a Hillstar for Hillary and an avid supporter. Trashing two women clearly in a sexist manner".
Prameela Bartholomeusz, DNC Platform Committee Member: “I am once again stunned at the personal and sexist attacks by the Obama campaign against Gov. Palin. This latest ad is sexist and offensive. The Gov. of Alaska has been managing and balancing a budget of $10 billion; I think she knows a bit about economics. Sen. Obama never spoke up against sexism during the primary season, and is not speaking out against misogyny during this phase of the election season — he is contributing to it. I have no confidence that Sen. Obama will fight for women’s issues if elected. This sets women back decades.”

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