Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Oh Theresa"

"Here We Go Again"

You represent State College as a council member must I remind you; this is a business matter, No Ms. Matthews,I wrote a private email to you. Which you copied and pasted and mailed to a variety of others. That was, as I said in my previous post both inappropriate and unethical. And it proves the precise point which led me to write in the first place.You do not speak for an entire demographic. We may (or may not) be ofthe same age cohort, gender and party affiliation. But you, your protest organization, etc do not speak for me despite several emails to our borough when requesting the permit which implied that you do.So too, my reply was as a private person negating the inference which was drawn from that request. I did not, and can not, speak for the entire Borough council. Nor would I wish to. That fact was implicit in the singular nature of the email which I sent to you personally. Again, I hope you have a lovely march through our downtown district next week,tdl
Here is my response...
First and foremost Democracy In Suffrage is not a protest organization. So once again you insulted me and my fellow members. A march is Democracy in it's finest, not only that it is a visibility, a rally, but in a Democracy, and a free society, we celebrate the freedom to speak. Believe you and me speaking personally I would not want to be included in your demographics because lack professionalism and a business mind. I ask if I got a permit (that is business), all I got was a woman calling me stupid, racist, and sexist to name a few. In business correspondence your writing's could be held against you or made a public record. Hence forth I did so...
Sincerely Je'Amour P. Matthews
I am wanting a full written apology.
I sent a copy of her letter and mine to her colleagues...

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