Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"I am sadden to say I got this"

I get this from State College council member Ron Filipelli

Dear Ms. Matthews: The Borough Council, including Theresa Lafer, approvedyour request to march. Theresa Lafer was expressing a personal opinion.She was not speaking for the council, nor did she purport to speak for thecouncil. She has a right, as a citizen, to express an opinion, as do you.Regards,Ron Filippelli

My Reply to him and his colleagues...

I came to State College requesting a permit. My correspondence with Ms. Lafer was in question of permit, if I got such permit. Her response was un warranted, and unprofessional. I demand a apology in writing. This was an official council matter and should have not came in response to her personal opinion. I do not appreciate one of your council members replying to my question if I got a permit, with her slanted, bias, and name calling banter. I think it says much of your Borough and your council, if this is how you conduct business.
Sincerely Ms. Je'Amour P. Matthews
Mr. Ron Filipelli email if you like
Ronald L. Filippelli <rfilippelli@la.psu.edu>

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