Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Action Please"


I thought for day's what would be the correct action against The National Organization of Women. I mean come on they lost focus, they endorsed a man for president who does not give his Senate staff equal pay for equal work. In the primary season they did not seem to be to bent out of shape over all the rampant sexism the media directed at the female candidate, and the candidate they endorsed dished out the sexist banter also. I finally think I know what we need to do.
Write this to them Dear National Organization of Women you are old out of touch, and worn torn like this old bra, out shape thread bare, and no longer serve a purpose. Since this is what you seem to represent to America “We Want You To Have This Bra”, as a symbol of your uselessness, burn it like the old days because you seem to not have the fight in you. You have endorsed a candidate who does not give equal pay for equal work ( Fact ), and you never launched a national campaign against this candidate when he served up volley after volley of misogyny (Fact). As a matter of fact you dropped the ball of a national campaign against the media for the same. Now (no pun intended) with the celebration in July of Seneca Falls your little shindig in Washington only gave an honorable mention of the fact, it should had been the driving force (160 years of the women's rights movement). You got to big for your fancy putting on airs pant suit. I think it is time for the real Suffragettes & Men of Honor to take over...
Sign your name and send them that old bra, you know the one that you a cannot part with like old friend you patched it maybe got a few safety pins in it, would die if someone actually seen it...
(Guys You Just Let Them Know This Bra Is My Wife, or Girlfriend & She Wanted Me To Let You Know)
and send it to:NOW Foundation P.O. Box 1848Merrifield, VA 22116-8048

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