Sunday, September 21, 2008

"The New Agenda"


This is the problem we have, NOW needs a message sent to them that they dropped the ball, and there organization has made it clear they have lost there focus, But on the other hand the "The New Agenda" is addressing NOW endorsement...


Democracy In Suffrage

mission statement has said it all, we are the new deal, cause we address sexism misogyny, on the first sentence of the mission statement. If we as women of the United States of America, if we keep dancing around what the reality is, then we will never get taken serious. We need warriors, we need to stop this mandy pandy pandering. This is what wrong, we need to, as in Women's right are Human Rights, We need to quit cow towing to society, and say enough is enough. We need to shout from the roof tops foul.

Here is what we need to do, NOW needs to have there coffers smacked, ie no money will change there tune. Second NOW never properly address the misogyny in the primary, but got up in arms over the cover of a magazine with Obama and his wife. They need a reality check. I support any organization that supports women, but look at there little July get together in Washington, did they have a large celebration for the anniversary of Seneca Falls Convention. "Nope it got an honorable mention, as a woman's group it should have centered around that. If it was not for Lucretia Coffin Mott, or Elizabeth Cady Stanton where would we be NOW, pardon the pun...

Let's as Women ( Suffragettes ) & Men of Honor address this how it is...

NOW has turned there backs on Women, because of a few issues, instead of focusing on the whole picture. NOW has lost there focus, and ride on as being one of the first. "NOW" needs to be debunk and scraped until they come up to page...

I am leaving NOW & Forever...

Democracy In Suffrage & The New Agenda

Let's carry it across the finish line...

The New Agenda responds to NOW endorsement
September 20, 2008by Violet Socks, EditorcloseAuthor: Violet Socks, Editor Name: Violet Socks, EditorEmail: violetsocks@gmail.comSite: Violet Socks is the editor of website, and also blogs as the Reclusive Leftist..See Authors Posts (7)
The Washington Post headline reads: Women’s Group Condemns NOW Endorsement of Obama.
Okay, that’s putting it a bit harshly. We’re not condemning NOW; we’re raising our collective eyebrow in puzzlement. (But other than that, it’s a great piece. Thanks, Garance Franke-Ruta!)
Here’s the full text of our press release:
The New Agenda responds to NOW Endorsement
Sept. 19, 2008 - The New Agenda, a non-partisan women’s advocacy organization, recognizes the decades of worthy work and achievement by the National Organization for Women. But The New Agenda is concerned that NOW’s recent endorsement of Barack Obama leaves many women in this country out in the cold.
This precedent-setting move marks the first time in NOW’s 42-year history that it has endorsed an all-male ticket.
Since its founding in 1966, NOW has endorsed only five presidential candidates:
1972 Shirley Chisholm for President1984 WalterMondale/Geraldine Ferraro for President/Vice President2003 Carol Moseley Braun for President2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton for President2008 Barack Obama/Joseph Biden for President/Vice President
The New Agenda co-founder Amy Siskind says, “We find it quite perplexing that NOW has chosen this moment to endorse an all-male ticket.” The endorsement seems all the more puzzling given the fact that the Republican Party is running its first female candidate for Vice-President, Gov. Sarah Palin, and the Green Party is fielding its first all-woman presidential ticket with Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente.
“Women need to stand together and help one another,” says Siskind. “Women’s issues such as unfair pay, domestic violence, and unpaid leave impact women of all political parties.”
The New Agenda is a not-for-profit organization and will not be endorsing a candidate in the presidential election.
The group is in talks with representatives from both Senator Obama’s and Senator McCain’s campaigns about the platform of women’s issues it wants to see addressed.
The New Agenda has also requested a meeting with Gov. Sarah Palin to discuss the group’s platform.
Jennifer Borg, another co-founder of The New Agenda, says, “We want to give Sarah Palin a chance to tell us what Sarah Palin believes on women’s issues.”


BettyJean Kling said...

Why I joined 'The New Agenda' and why I am cautioning 'Women Count'

Another Rant by BettyJean Kling

As you know when you gals at Women Count first got started, I was right there with you, we were all on your side and I kicked in a few bucks. But then I got worried about whether you would stick with the Dems and I have been holding back.

I thank you for that lovely luncheon in Denver and I got to shake Hillary’s hand but I also had to listen to the call for Unity to the Dems who never lifted a hand as you well know – so I won’t belabor it. Suffice it to say I am a PUMA and I will not unify with a party that holds me hostage to a few issues but slashes all my other rights and degrades and humiliates the best damned candidate they had.

I went to you site today and while you are willing to defend Sarah against sexism I detect you are also cautioning us to remember she is a Republican and reminding us to keep her right wing policies in mind – as if anyone will let us forget them. Are you still leaning left?

Much will be said and written in the days ahead about Gov. Palin's views on issues, and we urge you to consider these positions with depth and thoughtfulness - she is anti-choice, pro-gun, and pro-big oil.

Since you asked for our opinion and if you visit my blog and read the comments I and others are getting you will see that women are tired of choosing one side or the other and want to be free of this reminder altogether now.

I was hoping you WomenCount would stay neutral. I have been barraged by women group mail and email that berates the right and their views and then I get the same treatment from the left denigrating the left for theirs. It will never end and we will never move forward or be free so long as we are held hostage to this game. I must say that women today are only exposed to the extremes from both sides and that is simply not fair. This is what keeps women from truly moving ahead. Can’t we just be women instead of left or right – just this once – can we try it on for size and see if we like the way it fits?

I have just joined The New Agenda which promises to be non partisan. You can either lean toward the Dems or come to the middle but my support both financially and through my outreach on blog talk radio, my newsletters, my website, my email and blogs – I am going concentrate my efforts and support toward those where women will be most empowered to be free and not held back nor compelled to walk lockstep with others against gaining positions in government which will truly give them the power to chart their own destinies and that of their daughters and granddaughters.

If you agree that we need women’s groups to be non partisan, reach out to the founders of Women Count and encourage them to Free US Now and let us choose without prejudice. I know these women and their hearts are in the right place. They started out like us wanting things to be fair for Hillary but we are all women and it needs to be fair for all of us. The DNC made it impossible for Hillary- Let’s not punish Sarah and all women for god knows how long while we reward the DNC at the same time for what they did! Who will dare to run a woman again after this?

Virginia Harris said...

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Anonymous said...

I am an Independent voter, an mother, and a grandmother. I am not going to throw my vote away and I will not let that woman-hating Obama take my country without a fight. I will vote for McCain, who pays his female workers the same or more than his male workers, even though he and I do not see eye to eye on all the issues. I will vote down ticket on others that I feel are the best for my country. Never will I vote straight-ticket again.

If you feel the same, and are a night owl, come visit at

Anonymous said...

My vote was silenced by caucus fraud, vote stealing and a sham orchestrated floor roll call that included strong arming and threatening of Hillary delegates. A WOMAN who happened to be our first viable candidate for president. What the D.N.C., the Obama campaign and the media did to our candidate was done to all of us. What happened here was no less than stealing our voice the same as the women of Alice Paul's day had NO VOICE.

When you circumvent democracy and this process you render voting irrelevant. This cannot be allowed to stand. No one's vote will matter in any election if this goes and since Hillary Clinton faced the rampant misogyny which make NO MISTAKE DID INDEED harm her campaign while Obama and the D.N.C. used this against their own in favor of one candidate over the other I cannot support this. I will fight against it and stand up to it.

If you think that voting for Obama now because this "didn't affect you" is alright then you do not care about any of the issues you say you do because a person who will cheat in the pursuit of power will cheat you too.

My vote, is my voice in government and I will not be told to get on board, I will not be silent, I will not forget or go away until this is righted and you give me my voting rights in FULL back and make my vote count. There will be accountability AND JUSTICE or NO DEAL, not now, not in the future.