Monday, September 8, 2008

"George Stephanopoulos got the shake on Obama saying he was Muslim...

Freudian Slip Barack Obama Says He’s a Muslim to George Stephanopoulos on This Week Classic YouTube Hall of Fame Gaffe Line Obama Says “John McCain Has Not Talked about My Muslim Faith” Obama Says the Magic Words Psychological Slip Up Hurts Sinking Obama’s Presidential Hopes
George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s This Week and Barack H. Obama were talking this morning about the bloggers who are hitting Sarah Palin hard, and others who are hitting Obama hard, about his ties to the islamic world, and then Obama, giving credit to his presidential opponent said “John McCain has not talked about my muslim faith.” Whoops! “You know what I mean . . . . .,” it was a magic moment for sure, destined for the YouTube Hall of Fame, and perhaps some campaign commercials? It sure seemed like a freudian slip, he looked pretty embarrassed, but kept his cool and they moved on quickly, very quickly, with George acting as if nothing happened, classic left wing jive.
So this snafu will certainly hurt Obama’s campaign in a major way, because now, millions more Americans will be googling Obama’s muslim connections, or Obama Odinga, or Obama’s troubling islamic ties, or Obama Khalidi, or Obama Rezko Auchi, to get to the bottom of Obama’s “muslim faith,” which may or may not have been a freudian slip, for the researchers in the american public to figure out
Author James I. Nienhuis

"Remeber his gaffe about 57 states, there is 57 islamic states"

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